31 October 2010

What Type of Women That Men Don't Like.

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When women know what they want from men  , they should also know what men don't like in them.It is not that every man and woman get the right type of partner in their life.The lucky ones are very few. Majority of life partners have to adjust, and find ways to diffuse tense situations.The most important is to understand your partner.Let us see a few types of women that men don't want to be associated with.

Finding fault:Women who always talk negatively and find fault with others are never liked by men.Yes everyone have their complaints.Making a complain once,in the course of the day is alright.The problem is that if one starts to complain all the time than it becomes a nuisance to everyone.Men never understands women who complain always. Women should find a solution or stop complaining about.Men have no interest in prolonging a subject.
Body Conscience: Though women have to maintain their body structure,don't overdo your diet and exercise regimen beyond a point.Keep the details to yourself and talk about it only when asked.Discuss your schedule. Men are not too conscience about their figure and hate when they are reminded about which they don't like.So women who constantly talks about her diet and gym routines will only end up in trouble.
Not getting along with his family:We all are human beings and have our own views.If we have a reason to not like someone, they too will have a reason for their behavior. All are not lucky enough to have good in-laws.Every action has a reaction, that is if you get along well with them, than they will also act accordingly.If you don't like them, never talk bad about them in front of your husband.Refrain from telling not so nice things about them.

Spend accordingly:Spend money for the necessary things to your family.Discuss and consult what are the things to be purchased for the month and stick to it.When consulted men will not find fault with you later.
Raghu Natrajan

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